Reviews & Feedback

What Do People Say About Gregory’s Facilitation & Educational Presentations?”

Feedback From Course Evaluations

“Wow, what a personality!” “Loved his spirit…” “Inspiring!”

 “Great use of humor to engage the group!”

 “The technical assistance was amazing. I appreciate how helpful Greg was and enjoyed his great sense of humor. Greg’s personality is one to come by.”

 “Great examples of excellence.” “Good personality! And use of humor.”

“I love his presentation style. There is definitely a professor there and I enjoyed learning.”

“Lots of energy, kind, wonderful.”

 “Greg’s passion is inspiring and his sense of humor made this very enjoyable. Greg has great taste in music.”

 “Great energy, witty, and bright.”

“Love, love, love how Greg teaches and presents his material.” “Dynamic lecturer.”

 “I really appreciated his heart and enthusiasm. I especially appreciated how he applied concepts to us as we were learning and absorbing information e.g., teaching to left and right brainers.”

“Passionate and inspiring.”

“An excellent teacher!” "Can’t imagine he has done anything but.”

“Greg’s warmth and audience awareness….” “Very knowledgeable.”

“Great presentation skills!”  "Very kind and thorough" 

“Great enthusiasm, very knowledgeable. Uses examples very well, encourages discussion and participation.”

“Gregory did an outstanding job of delivering the content in a manner that was clear and easy to understand. He presented the concepts of the program very well.”

“Awesome enthusiasm and presentations.” “Very personable and engaging.”

“Great communication skills.”