Why The Discovery Coast…..

Why site the important work of Discovery Leadership Institute (DLI) in the heart of the Discovery Coast on the Washington State Long Beach Peninsula? Because there is not a better place to do this type of work: facilitating personal change and development in a sacred place of retreat, respite, and renewal.

The maritime coastal environment of the Discovery Coast provides the perfect setting for a retreat experience of leadership and personal development. As part of our programming, we intentionally utilize the unique attributes, natural gifts, and history of this coastal community to provide a personal development experience to remember.

As the saying goes, ‘things are better at the beach’ and being on the seashore is good for your health. Research is confirming there is truth to this.

A coastal climate makes people relax and feel better. Being in a maritime environment like the Discovery Coast significantly improves one’s well being and naturally reduces stress.

The coastal environment of the Discovery Coast calms stress and encourages physical activity. With miles of both paved and natural trails, the Discovery Coast is a mecca for walking, running, cycling, and even horse back riding.

The Long Beach Peninsula is the second longest beach in the world.  The beach is 28 miles long and 2 miles wide.  There is nothing more cathartic than a long walk along a sandy beach. No destination, no goal, nothing but meditative walking. Does a soul good!

Being at the beach stimulates all of your senses. Gazing upon the sight of sand, sun, and sea makes one feel so good inside. A feeling of hope, resilience, and optimism.  The smell of the ocean breeze and the salt water refreshes the mind and soul with every breath. The sounds of the Discovery Coast are nature’s orchestra: soothing ocean waves, gulls calling over-head, a blowing wind, the faint bell-buoy in the distance, and falling rain from an ocean squall surround beach goers with life-giving energy and peace. And then there is the feeling of the fine texture of beach sand on bare feet or sifting through your fingers.  And finally, the taste of locally sourced bounty.  Whether it be cranberry relish, Willapa Bay oysters on the half shell, sautéed wild mushrooms, fried razor clams, a Dungeness crab melt, steamed bay clams, or fresh Albacore tuna and salmon, your tastebuds will be satisfied!  The Discovery Coast is home to many fine chefs producing award winning coastal cuisine.

Let’s face it: the beach is a perfect place to slow down and reconnect with what matters most in your life. Likewise, it is a perfect venue for leaders to get away on retreat or solo residency and reflect, recharge, and renew their leadership practice.

We invite you to give it a try. You will not be disappointed!