7 Life Changing Leadership Lessons From Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln governed the U.S. through one of its most challenging eras–and his leadership still influences us today. Here are some of his most enduring and life changing lessons we can all learn from.

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President Lincoln did many things in his life.  He greatly influenced the world through extremely effective oration and a communication style that was compelling to others.  He not only spoke, he listened with an empathetic ear.  As leaders, we must continue to practice and evaluate our communication skills so our influence is recognizable and persuasive.


Emotional Intelligence in Action: Recognizing, Regulating, Resonating, and Responding.

This article is about emotional intelligence.

Source: www.amanet.org

“Good leaders get people to work for them. Great leaders get people to work for a cause that is greater than any of them—and then for one another in service of that cause.” Yes!  Question: DO YOU know how to display leadership influence that creates the vision in others they are working on something much larger than they are?  Demonstrating a mature EIQ (emotional intelligence) is part of the answer.


Practicing Leadership –

  We think of leadership as a subject we study. We learn about leadership; choosing examples, dissecting them to understand. We want to see who did what when, drawing conclusions from the results of their actions.

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Leadership is the process of turning our values and character into action.”  Agree.  Our bliss is a product of taking leadership action on things that  matter most to us.  What are you practicing today to enhance your leadership influence in your community?

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