Discovery Leadership Institute

Learn – Grow – Succeed

 In one word, the purpose of the Discovery Leadership Institute is: CHANGE

Coaching others to become hopeful, capable, and worthy in their life, work, and leadership;

Helping clients to develop renewed strategic direction for positive and deep change;

Aligning client goals, strategies, structure, and personal style to their newly identified strategic direction;    

Nurturing holistic wellness (mind, body, spirit, and heart) so client's sustain greatness and an authentic leadership practice;

Generating provocative possibilities of the future for each client; and,

Energizing Action and a 'Whole System' Positive Change!

The Discovery Leadership Institute accomplishes this purpose by providing facilitated discovery and useful tools for individuals and organizations to learn, grow, and succeed in the art and practice of authentic leadership!

All Discovery Leadership Institute material is research based and aligned with contemporary best practice.

Founded by Gregory Willeford as part of Willeford Group management consulting.

If you would like to learn more about the Institute or how you can become involved, you are invited to contact us.